8 Adorable Tiny Home on Wheels

You have a great idea of living in a tiny home on wheels, but aren’t sure how to actually make it happen. Luckily, some people have already made this dream come true, and their tiny houses on wheels are inspiring and beautiful. Whether you need an all-white space to put your stamp on or would rather see the possibilities of something colorful and funky, this list of tiny houses on wheels will spark your imagination and inspire your own plan for living tiny and living well!


Tiny home builders are a great resource when you’re searching for tiny homes. If you’re not sure how to start, they can provide ideas and designs that will work best for your lifestyle. For example, some people who live in places with a lot of snow want to stay warm inside, while others want to be closer to the trees. Tiny homes on wheels are also a great choice if you prefer living in one place but need to move often due to job or family needs.

Smallest Boat in the World

The smallest boat in the world is about the size of a phone booth. The tiny home builders who created it wanted to see how small they could go with their design. They call it the Phone Booth Boat. It has a full bathroom and kitchen, making it a viable option for those looking to live in a small space. One of the benefits of designing your own tiny house is that you can customize its appearance and functionality, so feel free to get creative with how you want yours to look!

Converted Tugboat

Named the Tugboat Tiny House, this tiny home on wheels was transformed from a tugboat. The tugboat was built in 1953 and serviced the New York Harbor until it was decommissioned and sold to be turned into a tiny home. The house features a kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom and an outdoor deck with an additional bedroom overlooking the water. 

The Tugboat Tiny House is featured in the book Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter by Jay Shafer.

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Seaside Prefab

All throughout the world, tiny houses are springing up. There’s no shortage of tiny house builders to choose from, but Seaside Prefab is one of our favorites. Founded in 2006, the company has grown from a handful of employees to more than 100 today and their work can be found in all 50 states as well as internationally. The design-build process starts with a client meeting where their needs and desires are discussed. Once a design is agreed upon, Seaside Prefab takes care of everything else – sourcing materials, hiring contractors and workers, managing the schedule and budget, assembling the home and more.


Westport Maritime Center

This particular boathouse was constructed by Tiny Home Builders, a company that specializes in building tiny homes on wheels. The Westport Mloaritime Center is located in Bristol, Maine and is an example of the type of dwellings they can build. The house has a steel frame and is clad with cedar lap siding, just like the original boathouses. The interior is spacious, with one bedroom and one bathroom.

The Nantucket Yacht Club Home

The Nantucket Yacht Club Home is a boathouse that was converted into a tiny house. With its retractable roof, it offers all the benefits of both an outdoorsy cabin and a cozy home. It’s perfect for people who live in cold climates, or just want to get away from it all without having to buy property.

Alaskan Cruise Ship Ferry Home

The Alaskan Cruise Ship Ferry Home is a converted ferry that has been turned into a home. Originally designed for the Alaskan tourist industry, the ship was given a new life when it was purchased by artist and engineer James Moseman in 1993. The home is made up of three levels: an atrium, kitchen/dining room, living room, and bedroom. In order to stay afloat, one side of the boat has doors that can be opened to create a pool area.

DIY Sailing Barge

This is a design for a Sailing Barge that is based on the old Dutch barges. This type of small houseboat has become popular in recent years as people are looking for more affordable and eco-friendly ways to live. They are also great for those who attract the water and want to be near it all day long.

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